30 Versions, One Size

Dec. 1, 2004
The BOS 21M family of photoelectric sensors are all housed in an identical rugged, standard-dimensioned metal housing, and are well-suited for use in automation, assembly, robotics, packaging or other industrial applications.

Dimensions for all versions are 42.5-by-50-by-15mm. The standard size is designed to enable users to realize cost savings and efficiency goals, says the vendor. The BOS 21M line comes with a full range of mounting clamps, brackets and flexible mounting systems, and features 270 degree rotatable M12 connector for easy installation. PNP and NPN models are available. The line contains 30 versions, organized within 10 basic models: diffuse; diffuse/background suppression; diffuse/fore and background suppression; retro-reflective/polarized; retro-reflective, auto collimation; retro-reflective, glass detection; thru-beam receiver; thru-beam emitter; contrast sensor; and luminescence. Each of the ten models has its own sub-family with differing illumination sources such as red light, infrared, laser, white light and UV.