Image Data at High Speed

Nov. 1, 2004
With the PCIe-1429 image acquisition board for high-throughput vision applications, engineers and scientists can acquire images at the highest speeds, resolutions and bit depths available for Camera Link cameras.

With the PCIe-1429 board’s four-lane PCI Express configuration, data can be acquired at the full 680 MB/s Camera Link bandwidth, to perform demanding applications such as synchronized data and image acquisition, fault analysis and advanced motion tracking. In the past, according to the vendor, high-speed image acquisition required banks of expensive onboard memory, which could only acquire images for short periods of time, or specialized buses such as the PCI 64/66 or PCI-X, which are not supported by standard PC chip sets. With the introduction of PCI Express technology by Intel and the PCIe-1429 board, users can now acquire high-speed data indefinitely through a standard PC bus. Pricing for the PCIe-1429 image acquisition board starts at $2,495.