High-Performance ATX Motherboard

Oct. 1, 2004
The AIMB-744 is a high-performance ATX industrial motherboard that uses the Intel 875P and 6300ESB chip sets, and features an Intel Pentium 4 400/533/800 MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) processor with HT (Hyper-Threading) technology.

The AIMB-744 is designed to fulfill the requirements for high-speed upgrades as well as bandwidth-demanding network applications. The board supports dual channel DDR 400 memory up to 4GB with ECC, 2 SATA (Serial ATA) devices, 2 PCI-X (64bit/66MHz), 4 PCI (32bit/33MHz), AGP 8X slot, as well as dual Gigabit LANs. The AIMB-744 includes necessary industrial features such as long MTBF, watchdog timer, wide operating temperature range and CMOS data backup.