Triple-layer Wireless Security

Sept. 1, 2004
The RadioLinx Frequency Hopping line of industrial wireless solutions provides three layers of technology for safeguarding wireless networks and data: hardware, radio frequency and data encryption.

RadioLinx provides network architecture security by using a proprietary RF protocol and 158 unique hopping patterns to prevent unwarranted interception of radio transmissions. Data is encrypted in the RadioLinx hardware using proven algorithms and 64- or 128-bit encryption keys. Encrypted data never reaches another device, eliminating the means most often used to crack the encryption key and decipher the data, says the vendor. RadioLinx models use Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum to protect against jamming or unintentional interference common in industrial environments. RadioLinx features include dual antenna support for maximum performance and networking flexibility, as well as industrial grade packaging and design meeting CSA and cUL Class 1, Div.2 and Group A-D certifications.