Advanced Flowmeter

Sept. 1, 2004
The FSM4000 electromagnetic flowmeter relies on new technology to measure the simplest to the most extreme flow applications in the metals and mining industries.

Featuring an improved AC magnetic field excitation and digital signal processing, the FSM4000 magmeter delivers a +/-0.5% of flow rate accuracy, which the vendor says is unique for a system with a response time this fast. With its AC excitation, the FSM4000 measures 100% of the useful signal, leaving no measurement signal unprocessed, and maximum signal volume is utilized. The unit also employs a diagnostic coil to actively adjust the zero and eliminate any line noise. This signal gain provides more information for processing, and the higher signal-to-noise ratio has been previously unachievable, says the vendor. The FSM4000 sensor is available with diameters from 1/25 inch to 40 inches, using an all stainless steel construction, with liners of PFA, PTFE or hard rubber. The FSM4000 digital converter employs a simple, menu-driven configuration. A short and quick data entry process is used to load parameters required for instrument operation.