OPC Server for Plug-and-Play Vision

Sept. 1, 2004
A new PC-based OPC server designed to work with the vendor’s Legend series of smart camera-based machine vision systems can eliminate custom interfaces and drivers normally required for interconnecting equipment and moving data throughout an organization.

It also promotes interoperability among different computing solutions and platforms, both horizontally and vertically in the enterprise. The OPC server, developed for the vendor by Iconics Inc., “opens the world of plug-and-play interoperability to machine vision users,” says Steve Gieseking, director of research and development at the vendor. The following standards are supported by the server: OPC DA 1.0; OPC DA 2.05A; OPC DA 3.0; OPC DA Auto 2.0; OPC XML-DA 1.0; OPC AE 1.10; and OPC Complex Data 1.0.