Multiple Safety Products

Sept. 1, 2004
New families of safety light curtains, safety modules and safety mats are available. Type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains are offered in finger, hand and body resolutions.

The curtains feature partial or total muting, which is programmable via on-board dipswitches. Also included is an override function to allow user access to the protected area to clear jams, and LEDs for diagnostic display. Protected heights range from 161mm to 1,657mm, with operating distances of 6, 15, 25 or 50m. The safety modules are available for E-stop and safety gate control, two-hand safety control, light curtain and safety mat control, standstill monitor to detect if a machine has come to rest, and elevator door control and cabin leveling. The modules range from safety category 1-4 and meet the corresponding EN standards for their intended applications. The SM series pressure sensitive safety mats are custom-made to required dimensions and feature a non-slip, heavy-duty surface. The mats, combined with the NT or MT safety modules, constitute a category 3 safety solution.