Modules Extend Drive Series

June 1, 2004
Compact rectifier and DC-supplied inverter modules for the vendor’s ACS800 industrial drive series rely on a common DC bus line-up.

This enables users to wire input power via a single three-phase AC connection, with each DC-fed inverter unit sharing the bus, and providing output power to a motor. Multidrive configuration does not require use of a separate motor control center. Multidrives also offer a common braking feature, which includes regenerative braking and motor-to-motor braking, depending on the demands and modes of the various motor loads. Improvements in technology and power components inside the units provide dramatically smaller footprints, up to 50 percent smaller than in the past. Four different types of diode rectifier units can cover the entire multidrive power range from 200-4600HP in 380-600VAC. Inverter modules are available in seven different frame sizes across a 1-2250HP power range in 380-600VAC.