Compact 3-Phase Power Supply

June 1, 2004
The latest addition to the vendor’s SDN line of industrial grade power supplies, the SDN20-24-480 is a 3-phase input 24VDC DIN Rail Mount Power Supply that combines affordability with a compact footprint.

Though similar in price to a conventional single-phase power supply, the SDN-24-480 does not require the associated expense of installing or wiring external fuses and a control transformer. Fuses are integrated on the primary side of the unit to protect the power supply, while the secondary side is protected by an integrated fuse mode that also safeguards the applications behind. In the event of a continuous overload for longer than five seconds, the fuse mode will activate to switch off the power supply while simultaneously triggering a blinking LED to alert the user. The SDN-24-480 allows the user to turn output on again without disconnecting the input AC, thanks to a front-panel reset. The SDN-24-480 measures 4.88 inches wide-by-8.94 inches high-by-4.4 inches deep.