Touch Screen LCD Control

May 1, 2004
The human-machine interface capabilities of the vendor’s flagship I/A Series automation system are being enhanced with new flat-screen liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor options.

This includes a touch screen option for the 20-inch LCD monitor. Compared to conventional CRT displays used in process control applications, LCD displays can improve visual work performance, eliminate distortion and flicker, and reduce glare and associated eyestrain, to improve operator productivity, says the vendor, while requiring a much smaller control room footprint and using up to 60 percent less power. Unlike CRTs, LCD monitors also do not emit electromagnetic interference, which is important in many industrial applications. For these reasons and more, the vendor is moving to an “all-LCD” monitor offering for new I/A Series systems, including what the vendor believes is the first touch screen option for LCD monitors. Cost-effective upgrade options are also available to allow most current I/A Series system users to upgrade outdated or aging CRT monitors to LCD monitor technology.