Noncontact Linear Measurement

April 1, 2004
A high resolution encoder allows measurement of linear position or speed without contact between the sensor head and scale. The Kübler Linear Measurement System senses movement via a magnetic scale and a separate sensor head.

The scale, which has equally spaced north and south magnetic poles, is adhered to a stainless steel band. The sensor head provides quadrature pulses from which speed, position and direction of travel can be determined. Users may specify a resolution of either 20 or 100 microns. The Linear Measurement System is available with a molded eurofast quick disconnect. It is rated to IP 67, and is thus immune to contaminants such as dust and liquids, the vendor says. The scale comes with a stainless steel covering that can be use for protection against metal shavings and filings, and is available in lengths up to 90 meters.