Web Portal for Real-Time

April 1, 2004
An Information Portal solution for life sciences manufacturers helps companies capture, analyze and act on plant production data to improve profitability, efficiency and compliance.

The Information Portal provides Web-based batch reporting, captures and maintains proof of compliance, facilitates real-time quality analysis and decreases product manufacturing cycle time, the vendor says. Designed for 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP regulations, the Web-enabled Information Portal features a suite of plant intelligence software applications, as well as an open architecture to connect production equipment, business systems and decision makers. “To unlock the full potential of a manufacturing operation, life sciences companies must have a real-time understanding of what is actually happening on the plant floor and be able to improve the operation based on the data being collected in a compliant fashion,” says Bob Honor, manager of life sciences at the vendor. “With this new Information Portal solution, they can not only gain critical production information but can then securely share it with other decision makers and take action to improve their bottom line—all the time recording in a compliant repository the changes that could affect their operation.”