Long-Range Laser Sensor

April 1, 2004
The BOD 63M laser time-of-flight sensors can detect or measure objects, stationary or moving, that are up to 6 meters long or up to that distance away.

Applications include distance measurement and control of moving objects, such as pallets, hot steel that could damage a sensor, parts that change colors or have reflective surfaces, or targets that move at angles unfavorable to a light beam, such as parts manipulated by robots, behind glass or in other restricted areas. The BOD 63M bounces a Class II laser beam off objects to determine distance or length by measuring the amount of time the light takes to reflect back to the sensor. Resolution is constant across the entire distance the beam travels, allowing the sensor to detect objects as small as 1mm. BOD 63M models are available with one PNP or NPN output, an alarm output and one 0-10VDC or 4-20mA analog output.