Tiny Controller with HMI

March 1, 2004
The Allen-Bradley Pico GFX-70 is a small-footprint controller that features a multi-function human machine interface (HMI). Combining control and HMI capabilities, the Pico GFX is part of the Pico family of Allen-Bradley nano controllers for simple logic, timing, counting and real-time clock operations.

With the integrated graphic display, engineers can program both control and HMI functionality with one software package (or with on-display buttons). The unit consists of three primary parts: an HMI, processor/power supply and I/O modules. All three pieces are modular, with the HMI physically attached to the processor and I/O from the outside of the panel, through standard 22.5-mm button-holes. The monochrome LCD display can show text, date and time, as well as custom messages and graphics so operators can acknowledge fault messages, enter values and initiate actions. The 70-mm display is backlit for readability; the keypad buttons are illuminated for low-light conditions; and the display is IP65-rated for protection against dust and water ingress. The Pico GFX supports both analog and digital I/O. End users can connect up to eight units together, providing up to 272 points of I/O when used in conjunction with the current line of Allen-Bradley Pico expansion modules.