Compact Controller

March 1, 2004
As the latest addition to the vendor’s PACSystems family, the PACSystems RX3i controller features a single control engine and universal programming environment, designed to provide application portability across multiple hardware platforms.

Featuring the same control engine as the PACSystems RX7i, the RX3i offers a high level of automation functionality in a compact, cost-effective package, the vendor says. The RX3i relies on a high-speed, PCI-based backplane and Pentium 300 mHz CPU. High capacity power supplies can be deployed in single or multiple configurations to provide adequate power or redundancy in one rack. The system supports a wide range of I/O and includes discrete, universal analog, high-density analog, high-speed counter and motion. Communications capabilities include integrated Ethernet and Profibus modules as well as support for DeviceNet and Genius networks.