Grab Frames Fast

Jan. 1, 2004
As the latest in the line of the vendor’s MVS-8500 Series frame grabbers for machine vision applications, the MVS-8501 frame grabber is designed for use with the new generation of double-speed analog cameras that use progressive scan CCD sensor technology.

The MVS-8501 provides the high-speed acquisition capability found in the vendor’s four-channel MVS-8504 frame grabber, but the MVS-8501 relies on a cost-effective single channel architecture that supports up to four multiplexed cameras. In addition to supporting the latest double-speed analog cameras, the MVS-8501 is backward-compatible with standard speed analog interlaced and progressive scan cameras. It is thus well-suited for users migrating PC-based machine visions systems to the new generation of 60 frame per second standard resolution analog cameras, the vendor says. The MVS-8501 comes equipped with a suite of machine vision software tools, including the vendor’s PatMax technology for locating objects despite changes in angle, scale and appearance.