Smart Power Generation

Jan. 1, 2004
The Ovation expert control system, part of the vendor’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture, provides power generators with predictive intelligence to reduce costs and optimize plant performance.

According to the vendor, Ovation has been successfully used in other industries for decision support and correct action information, and these capabilities now extend to the power industry. Ovation’s integrated digital fieldbus, which leverages Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet and Profibus DP protocols, delivers diagnostic information from the field to the Ovation control system. Another Ovation feature, the Advanced Process Control (APC) Toolkit, embeds algorithms and process monitoring and analysis tools into the system, to add an additional level of diagnostics and intelligence. Other new features include: runtime and configure engineering modes, to make limited changes online without upsetting the process, and to make significant changes during system test, checkout and startup; automatically generated AutoCAD termination drawings; and remote access via wireless handheld devices.