Absolute Encoder

Jan. 1, 2004
The CoreTech CA6 Series Single-Turn Absolute Encoder is available in any resolution from 2 to 32,768 ppr. Alignment of encoder zero position to the mechanical zero position is quick and easy with an electronic zero set, says the vendor.

The CA6 is available with parallel or SSI absolute output and is repeatable to 0.0050 at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Unlike conventional absolute encoders that rely on a continuous repetition of opaque and transparent fields on multiple concentric tracks on the code disk, the CoreTech CA6 reads the information from one circular barcode track. A second analog sine/cosine track supplies additional data, which, when synchronized with data from barcode track, results in high resolution and accuracy, the vendor says. Both tracks are read simultaneously by a sensor array on a proprietary hybrid Opto-ASIC.

Stegmann Inc.