Mass Flow Meter

Jan. 1, 2004
With its multi-measurement and multi-parameter capability, the Rotamass Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is essentially a process control station, says the vendor.

Rotamass features include remote configuration via HART, multiple languages, advanced diagnostics, infrared programming and a four-line display for easy set up and operation. The unit’s self-draining design meets global standards for sanitary applications and is capable of measuring materials with a temperature range from -328°F to 662°F, and pressures to 3625 psi. The heavy wall, seamless, dual tube design is isolated from any process vibration or pipeline stress. The box-in-box design decouples the Rotamass from all external vibration, guaranteeing reliability and output stability, the vendor says. Nine different detectors enable the user to customize the meter for the best combination of mass flow range, pressure drop and accuracy at the lowest cost.