Ethernet I/O Modules

Dec. 1, 2003
The BusWorks 900EN Series I/O Modules interface analog and discrete I/O signals directly to an Ethernet Modbus/TCP 10/100 network.

The 12-channel, inch-wide I/O modules operate independently of any bus coupler or I/O rack and require no special system power supply. Set-up is designed to be fast and easy with embedded Web pages allowing configuration using any standard Web browser, with no need for additional software. Operation is on standard 15-36VDC power supplies. The 12-channel discrete I/O modules, priced at $350, are suitable for on/off monitoring and control of industrial devices. The 12-channel analog I/O modules, priced at $550, are useful to interface DC voltage or current input signals to the network controller. Each module supports up to 10 sockets allowing communication with multiple masters.