Data on the Go

Dec. 1, 2003
As one of four products in the vendor’s BizViz Suite of manufacturing and intelligence products, MobileHMI is designed to turn data from different data sources into valuable, secure information on a Web browser, mobile phone or PDA.

MobileHMI supports a range of standards, including OPC Data Access, GSM, TDMA and CDMA wireless application protocols. It gives plant personnel the ability to acknowledge alarms and analyze real-time information about their automation operations directly from their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. The BizViz Suite includes products written from the ground up to take advantage of Microsoft .Net and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Other BizViz products include: ReportWorX for .Net, which transforms data from different sources into useful information; BridgeWorX, which performs efficient data exchange to and from any database or data source; and PortalWorX, which allows creation of manufacturing and business portals based on SharePoint.