Measurement Simplified

Oct. 1, 2003
Measurement Studio 7.0 is a comprehensive suite of native classes and controls for developing measurement and automation applications in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003.

The classes and controls simplify I/O integration, user interface development and implementation of advanced signal processing and data analysis, significantly reducing development time for users of Visual Studio .Net 2003. “Measurement Studio 7.0 helps transform Microsoft Visual Basic .Net, Visual C# .Net and Visual C++ .Net programming languages into efficient, measurement-specific tools,” says Prashant Sridharan, a Microsoft senior product manager. Measurement Studio 7.0 features the Instrument I/O Assistant and DAQ Assistant, innovations recently added to the vendor’s software platform. The product also includes pre-built user interface controls for the .Net framework, including graphs, knobs and buttons enabling quick display of measurement data.