Lubricate Your Bearings

Oct. 1, 2003
Six high-performance bearing greases are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Molykote G-0100 Multipurpose Motor Bearing Grease is a mineral oil-based grease thickened by a urea system.

It offers a wide temperature range, low noise performance and strong corrosion- and oxidation-preventive properties in applications such as electrical motors, fan bearings, water pump bearings and dryers in chemical and paper industries. Other greases are more specialized. Molykote G-2001 High Speed Bearing Grease, for instance, is a synthetic oil-based grease thickened by a lithium system. It offers superior low temperature performance and provides premium protection against wear and corrosion in applications such as spindles, fast moving positioners and molding cutters. The absence of solid lubricants makes G-2001 well suited for small to medium-sized rolling element bearings at high speeds. Other greases include G-0101 Long Life Bearing Grease, G-0102 High Load Bearing Grease, G-1001 High Performance Bearing Grease and the G-6000 High Speed Bearing Grease.