Add Optical Isolation

Oct. 1, 2003
The ICM-20105 board enables users to add optical isolation to the vendor’s DMC-21x3 multi-axis Ethernet motion controller. Without any additional cabling or hardware, the ICM-20105 attaches on top of the DMC-21x3 via a 96-pin DIN connector and can optically isolate inputs and outputs including limits, home and general I/O.

The 4.25-by-3.7-inch ICM-20105 segments the DMC-21x3’s 96-pin DIN connector into D-sub connectors for easy interface to external amplifiers and I/O devices. These include four D-sub connectors with one for each of the four axes, a 37-pin D-sub for the digital I/O, home and limits, and a 25-pin D-sub for the auxiliary encoder signals. Single unit pricing for the ICM-20105 is $195, while 100-unit pricing is $145 each.