NEMA Wall-mount Enclosures

Sept. 30, 2011
Crenlo, a Dover company, is pleased to announce the introduction of National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Type 4 and Type 12 wall-mount enclosures to their standard lineup of Emcor® enclosures.

The NEMA wall-mount enclosures are designed to house and protect critical electrical components such as terminal blocks, electrical controls and instruments from harsh industrial settings.

"The reliability of a control system is highly dependent upon how well it is protected from external contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil and moisture," said Steven Leidig, manager of enclosure engineering for Crenlo. "It’s imperative for systems integrators and machine builders to select enclosures that are certified to protect vital control systems from a wide array of contaminants that are present in the production environment."

NEMA Type 4 enclosure
The NEMA type 4 enclosure is built for indoor or outdoor use to protect against the ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt and windblown dust) as well as the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water and hosedirected water).

NEMA Type 12 enclosure
The NEMA type 12 enclosure is built for indoor use to protect against the ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt and circulating dust, lint and fibers) as well as the ingress of water (dripping and splashing).

Both of Crenlo’s NEMA enclosures are fabricated with 14-gauge steel, UL-approved gaskets and continuous welds throughout, providing superior strength and resistance to external contaminants. Available in a variety of sizes — ranging from 16-by-16-by-6-inch, all the way to 48-by-36-by-12-inch — the enclosures are built for a diverse set of applications and can be integrated with several available accessories to provide the best solution for the end user.

Available accessories include 12- and 16-gauge steel sub-panels, metal print pockets to store manuals and documentation, and locking latches designed for field installation.

"The NEMA wall-mount enclosure will help us to better serve new and existing clients by providing a one-stop-shop for them," said Steve Will, sales manager for Crenlo’s Emcor® enclosure line. "What makes us different is that we can cater to the specific needs of our customers by modifying all of our product lines or building completely custom solutions to fit any application, including solutions for OEM equipment."

With the introduction of the NEMA wall-mount enclosures, Crenlo now offers nine standard product lines, under their Emcor® brand of enclosures, which can be modified to meet specific needs of most applications. For customer needs that fall outside of the standard Emcor® product offering, Crenlo also offers custom enclosure solutions to meet the specific requirements of any application, ranging from inverter enclosures to package drop boxes. Crenlo has more than 60 years of experience providing enclosure solutions to meet the needs of their diverse customer base.

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