New Software Enables Live Video Remote Monitoring

Sept. 22, 2011
Pro-face America, North American division of Digital Electronics, the global leader of Human Machine Interface (HMI), Operator Interfaces, and Industrial Computers, announces the release of the Pro-face CameraViewer EX Software developed to display and record live video of industrial operations on a remote PC.

Live Video Display for Remote Users: Remotely display, record and playback live video to a computer with CameraViewer EX. High quality video output ensures crisp and clear image resolution from your remote location PC or on a corresponding HMI connected to your automated control operation. Ethernet connection makes it easy and affordable to monitor and service from multiple support locations.

Security: Live video feed provides additional security into hard-to-reach or dangerous areas of your industrial operation. For hazardous operational video monitoring, bring the image safely away from the hazard to the operator through a Pro-face HMI, keeping your workforce safe. Monitor the same image from a remote location and walk equipment operators through exact procedures to operate the machine safely.

Remote Diagnostics: Video playback in conjunction with live control of the Pro-face HMI from a remote location yields a reduction in travel support costs and machine shutdown time. From a remote location, instantly watch or record video of disturbances in your operation and provide diagnostic servicing of equipment.

Leverage Existing Control Architecture: The additional cost of implementing streaming video into your industrial operation is minimal by use of a Pro-face solution. New hardware purchases are unnecessary when CameraViewer EX leverages your existing control architecture to get streaming video with the small additional cost of a software license. This translates into significant cost savings to any company that wishes to remotely access, control, and view live video.

Continued Support: Pro-face is the world leader in HMI solutions and industrial computer products. Pro-face continues to set the global standards for HMI solutions by offering the industry’s most extensive product offerings with the highest levels of connectivity. Principal Pro-face products include HMI touch screens, operator interfaces, and industrial PCs.

Pro-face hardware and software is installed in more than 300,000 factory-floor systems worldwide. Pro-face America is headquartered in Saline, Michigan and has employees, sales, and support representatives located worldwide. For more information about Pro-face HMI products visit

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