New Processor Powers 360 deg Situational Awareness

Sept. 22, 2011
GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the IPS511 Rugged Situational Awareness Processor at DSEI (London ExCel Centre, 13 – 16 September).

The IPS511 is designed to provide ground vehicles, aircraft, remote unmanned platforms, and security and surveillance systems previously-unattainable levels of 360° situational awareness. It is a single board solution housed in a rugged chassis and is characterized by its small size, weight and power (SWaP) attributes, enabling it to be deployed as a simple, cost-effective upgrade to virtually any platform operating in a demanding environment.

The IPS511 seamlessly merges video signals from multiple sensors into a real-time interactive 360° panoramic image which can be displayed on one or more monitors, saving space and power and providing a significant contribution to keeping personnel safe. Available as an off-the-shelf, ready-to-go solution that is also highly flexible, it extends the broad range of video processing sub-systems from GE that respond to the growing military requirement for advanced visualization tools.

The IPS511 will allow troops to stay in-vehicle, and stay protected, while still being able to see the theatre of operation. It also provides the needed capability of seeing where the target is in relationship to the rest of the armored vehicles on the ground in the AOR (Area of Responsibility).

"The IPS511 takes advantage of GE’s innovative technologies, together with our expertise in rugged systems, to provide a solution that is quick, simple and inexpensive to implement while delivering substantial and highly sophisticated performance," said Al DiLibero, President, Military & Aerospace Embedded Computing, GE Intelligent Platforms. "It enables prime contractors and systems integrators to reduce NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) costs, simplify integration, and provide affordable readiness to defense departments and their prime contractors."

The IPS511 can process up to 12 video signals selected from up to 16 analog video inputs, and supports two independent operator displays allowing each operator to adjust the direction of view and magnification within the panorama using a touch screen or other interface device. Other key features include static and dynamic picture-in-picture overlays for simultaneous scene overview and detail; a symbolic overlay that can be used to display direction information, navigational and vehicle data, avoiding the need to look at other displays; video snapshot recording for a permanent record of events; and remote calibration, allowing in-field calibration without tools, avoiding the need for return to base.

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