Intelligent Marshalling and More in Expanded DCS

Dec. 2, 2011
Called the next major evolution of the Foxboro I/A Series distributed control system, the latest I/A Series system includes an Intelligent Marshalling solution and high-performance Foxboro control software and simulation software said to expand traditional DCS functionality across the enterprise.

Intelligent Marshalling reportedly improves the approach to system implementation and design, and Foxboro Control Software 3.0 allows users to integrate their plant systems, databases and software applications to enable real-time business optimization. Each channel is software configurable on a per-point basis, with no extra hardware required; all configurations can be done at the workstation. The control software embeds the company’s ArchestrA System Platform and Wonderware InTouch HMI, applying common object technology from process control up to the business system level.

Invensys Operations Management