Kepware’s KEPServerEX 5.9 Supports Electronic Flow Measurement, Wellsite Information

June 4, 2012
Improving upon their value to the oil and gas industry, Kepware is introducing a new EFM (Electronic Flow Measurement) Exporter Plug-in with two new associated communication drivers, and a new Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) Level 0 Driver.

These new offerings in the KEPServerEX v5.9 release will retrieve historical flow measurement records from flow measurement devices that support the industry standard Enron Modbus protocol and OMNI Flow Computers as well as allow exploration companies to collect WITS data from drilling devices and systems.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, is one of the largest pipeline transportation and energy storage companies in North America. The company transports natural gas, carbon dioxide and more, using approximately 38,000 miles of pipelines and 185 terminals. In order to successfully transport their products on time, and ensure operational efficiencies, the Houston-based company relies in part on Kepware for communications with their geographically dispersed control centers. This is just one of many examples that underscore how notable organizations within the Oil and Gas Industry rely on Kepware to help streamline product delivery.

EFM (Electronic Flow Measurement) Plug-in

Accurate, accessible documentation and reporting is needed for oil and gas custody transfer purposes to help ensure proper accounting of oil and gas assets. To meet these needs, Kepware has developed an EFM Plug-in to simplify midstream operations and provide:

  • Greater visibility into pipeline performance data across multiple geographic areas
  • Easier, faster data collection and consolidation for audits and custody transfer

Why the need for EFM capabilities? Simple, having visibility into flow measurement data allows operations to ascertain pipeline performance. KEPServerEX v5.9 will include two new drivers, Enron Modbus and OMNI Flow Computers, to poll for real time data and collecting historical EFM information from flow measurement devices. The new EFM Exporter will consume the EFM data and format it appropriately for upload into Flow-Cal via their .CFX reporting format.

Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS)

In the past, operating and service companies within Exploration and Production, developed proprietary formats for monitoring drilling processes, which added to an already costly and time sensitive effort.  With new projects, there is often new and different equipment requiring additional software to be developed for those existing data collection and analysis systems, which in term add cost and time.

Kepware streamlines this disparate communication with the introduction their new WITS Level 0 Driver in their v5.9 release, to enable the easy exchange of drilling data and provide:

  • A single source of integrated data – operational, production, technical, geologic, , and asset management
  • Real time visibility and faster access to onshore and offshore drilling data over multiple geographic locations
  • Easier data sharing with all project stakeholders – internally, in the field, and external contractors/vendors

KEPServerEX – Tying It All Together

KEPServerEX is a scalable and affordable solution for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software applications via multiple telemetry options including all radio and modem types, Ethernet TCP/IP, Serial Multi-Drop as well as Satellite. Communications are managed through a software platform that supports an array of client interfaces such as OPC, propriety communication protocols, API's, and automation systems’ interfaces. KEPServerEX enables improved operations and decision making throughout all levels of an organization—including real-time data to SCADA systems and EFM output to validation and accounting systems.

No matter where a business operates in the oil and gas production and supply chain – upstream, midstream, or downstream – Kepware’s communication software solutions are proven to save time, reduce costs, and improve operational business efficiencies.

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