Isolated Miniature Analog Signal Conditioners

Aug. 14, 2012
The 8B43 input module interfaces to DC LVDTs that operate on a 10 V excitation voltage and up to 20 mA of excitation current.

The module features ±0.05% accuracy, ±0.02% linearity, high-level voltage outputs, 1500 Vrms transformer isolation, input protection to 240 VAC continuous, ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 transient protection, 100 dB CMR, 1 kHz signal bandwidth and low drift with ambient temperature. Signal filtering is achieved with a 5-pole filter that provides 100 dB per decade of normal-mode rejection above 1 kHz. One pole of the filter is on the field side of the isolation barrier for anti-aliasing; the other four are on the system side. A special input circuit protects against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240 VAC, while clamp circuits on the I/O and power terminals protect against harmful transients. Transformer coupling suppresses transmission of common mode spikes or surges. Units are designed for installation in Class I, Division 2, hazardous locations and are CE compliant, and UL/CUL listing and ATEX compliance are pending. All modules provide Instrument Class performance in a miniature 1.11-in. x 1.65-in. x 0.4-in. (28.1 mm x 41.9 mm x 10.2 mm) housing. Their small size makes them suitable for embedded and portable applications.

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