Software Toolbox Updates OmniServer Data Acquisition Software with CSV Import/Export

Sept. 6, 2012
Software Toolbox, a leading supplier of industrial automation software, will be releasing OmniServer Version 2.8 this month, the latest upgrade to its universal data acquisition software featuring support for CSV import and export functions and several user interface enhancements.

OmniServer V2.8 continues a history of providing industrial communications with non-standard device types such as barcode readers, weight scales, RFID systems, sensors, and many other devices without an off-the-shelf driver solution.

Support has been added in OmniServer V2.8 for CSV import and export of OmniServer topics, devices and items in OmniServer protocols. This feature aids in greater flexibility when configuring OmniServer for large scale projects with larger numbers of items and/or devices for communication.  Previously, it was required to configure each topic, device and item within the configuration.  Import of objects is far more efficient when large numbers of these objects are required for a project.  This import and export capability also makes it possible to share objects between OmniServer configurations and protocols.

“One of the most common pain points for an OmniServer user has been when they have a large project and need to configure large quantities of items in their protocols or have large numbers of devices,” said Kevin Rutherford, OmniServer Product Manager at Software Toolbox.  “Import and export via CSV allows such users to add large numbers of objects easily by configuring them in Excel and then importing the file into OmniServer.  Objects can also be moved between protocols and other installations of OmniServer.  This makes the configuration process less cumbersome and more efficient, allowing the user to focus on other aspects of the configuration and save time and money.”

Additional OmniServer Version 2.8 enhancements include improved usability by allowing users to import protocols and configuration through the OmniServer configuration interface.  Users can also now start and stop the OmniServer polling runtime from the configuration interface, as well as several other interface and usability enhancements.  Upgrade paths are available for current users who want to take advantage of the new features and benefits of OmniServer Version 2.8. 

Users can visit to learn more about OmniServer and to request a free trial once OmniServer V2.8 becomes available.