New Softing OPC UA .NET Toolkit Supports Historical Access

Sept. 6, 2012
Softing, leading provider of conformant OPC development tools, has announced the availability of a new version of its industry-leading OPC UA .NET Development Kits.

The new version 1.01 includes support for the Historical Access feature in both the Client and Server Development Toolkit. This new feature enables access to historical data allowing, for example, the calculation of the average temperature over a given time period.

The OPC UA .NET Toolkits are designed to assist software engineers to elegantly implement effective OPC Clients/Servers for moving data and information from the factory floor to the enterprise level.

Please feel free to download a trial version (full functionality, limited runtime) of the Development Toolkits from Softing's web page at (Please select the "Products" menu).

The new version includes additional application examples for Client and Server that covers all aspects of the new Historical Access features. In addition, the toolkits include code examples that demonstrate the use of historical data and how to process events. The product documentation has been complemented with detailed information about Deployment and Security, a Programmer's Guide, and Programming Samples as they relate to the new Historical Access features.

The new OPC UA .NET Development Toolkits V1.01 are designed to be fully compliant with the most current version of the official OPC UA Test Tool.

With more than 1,600 companies relying on Softing’s OPC development kits to generate thousands of compliant OPC products, Softing holds the lion’s share of the world-market for OPC development tools.  The Softing OPC portfolio includes:

  • Classic OPC Toolkits covering Data Access, Alarms & Events, and XML-DA for Windows, Windows CE and Linux and 
  • OPC UA Toolkits for Windows (C++ and .NET), Linux (C++), and VxWorks (C++).

For more information please contact [email protected].