Industrial SCADA Endpoint Protection and Connectivity

Nov. 19, 2012
Endian, a provider of network security solutions, releases an all-new line of SCADA endpoint protection and connectivity products to satisfy the security needs of the industrial market.

Endian CEO Raphael Vallazza, explains, “Our company has been approached by industry leaders such as Liebherr, BTS Biogas and Instrumentation Laboratory to ensure the security of endpoints and safe transmission of data during remote management sessions.  As opposed to traditional IT networks where Endian UTM plays the role of a gatekeeper, SCADA environments require the protection of every endpoint, each having its own mechanisms for defense. We had to rethink the role of security in these ecosystems keeping ease-of-use and affordability in mind.”  The result is the all new Endian 4i product line, designed specifically for the unique needs of the industrial market."

This new product line brings "versatility to our endpoint devices while maintaining a tight compatibility with our Security Gateway (UTM) products,"  said Vallazza. "This means building and maintaining large, distributed VPN networks for remote monitoring and/or support is simple and highly secure.  Endian also provides standard VPN connectivity options that provide a high level of interoperability with any existing third-party VPN solutions." 

The Endian 4i (4 Industrial) product line additions include a powerful, controlled temperature desktop device, as well as a ruggedized wide temperature (DIN Rail) model. Each device  incorporates Endian’s web interface while providing a wide array of  security features such as a stateful firewall, deep-packet inspection intrusion prevention and a secure VPN solution that includes interoperability with Apple iOS & Android mobile devices.  A free web-based centralized management and monitoring tool (called Endian Network) can reduce the administrative and support costs for partners and customers.  

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