PackML + PackSpec = packaging’s future

April 4, 2013
A joint meeting of the Organization for Machine Automation & Control’s PackML and PackSpec committees recently took place in Atlanta.

As reported here by Automation World’s David Greenfield, it included a workshop moderated by OMAC board member, P&G’s Dan Amundson.

Dan asked the participants what Packaging World magazine would be reporting about PackML five years in the future.  The resulting marker sketches were transformed by Packaging World art director Dave Bacho into the hypothetical cover layout you see here.

Far fetched?  Not at all.  In the past two months, packaging machinery visionaries have joined OMAC as corporate members, most recently MillerCoors, Bosch Packaging Technologies and controls integrator of the year Patti Engineering.

The OMAC Packaging Workgroup has been booked to conduct conferences during major trade shows, including two in India, one in Australia and UCIMA’s upcoming Packology show in June in Rimini.

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