Motion Control & Digital I/O Modules

The AMAX-1000 series is designed for industries that are technology-intensive and require a high degree of integration and a greater number of I/Os, or any application that requires distributed motion control.

Aw 16851 1306np Advantech2

The AMAX-1220 and AMAX-1240 are open frame type with either two or four axis AMONet motion slave modules. The AMAX-1752, AMAX-1754 and AMAX-1756 are open frame type with 32 channel isolated digital input and output slave modules (32 digital inputs, 32 digital outputs and 16 digital inputs/16 digital outputs respectively). All five models are provided with transfer cables to connect to Panasonic, Yaskawa, and Mitsubishi servo drives. To connect to these servo drives directly and save terminal board space during installation, all models feature an on-board interface connector and screw terminals. For convenient wiring and the addition of new modules, all key components have been moved to the front. To provide engineers with a clear diagnosis of problems, they include a range of highly visible LEDs. The AMAX-1220 includes linear & circular interpolation, simultaneous start or stop among multiple slave modules, and emergency servo brake signal. The AMAX-1240 includes all features of AMAX-1220 plus advanced functions such as position compare and trigger.

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