Ethernet Multifunction I/O Adapter

June 21, 2013
The modules make it possible to control and monitor eight 12-bit analog inputs, two optically isolated digital inputs and two solid-state relay outputs via any 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection.

The eI/O-170E provides eight single-ended or four differential A/D inputs that are software configurable for 0-5 V, 0-10 V, ±5 V, and ±10 V ranges. The A/D inputs support floating/non-referenced or ground referenced selections. This makes the A/D inputs suitable for measuring floating signal sources such as outputs of transformers, thermistors, and battery-powered devices. Additionally, the A/D inputs can operate in bipolar or unipolar modes. The eI/O-170PoE has all the features of the eI/O-170E and is a Class 0 (IEEE 802.3af-2003) Power over Ethernet device. This allows power and data to be transferred over a single CAT5 cable and eliminates the need for an external power supply. The units are suitable for a wide variety of applications including process control, facility management, security, and broadcast automation.

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