PLCs with Built-In Touchscreen HMI

June 21, 2013
New members of the Vision350 family have flat fascias.

The flat front surface makes the units suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications. With their IP66/IP65/NEMA 4X rating, they are a good choice wherever spray/wipe down applications apply. Their PLC + HMI advantage gives users the opportunity to operate on a minimum of budget, programming time and wiring. With a wide variety of onboard, and expandable I/O options, the units can support up to 512 I/O. Configurations include digital and analog inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O, PT100/thermocouple capabilities, and weight measurement. The I/O can be mounted locally or remotely, up to 1000 m from the controller. The PLCs have recipe capabilities, Micro SD card memory storage for data logging and back up, complete PLC cloning and more. They can support 24 auto-tuned PID loops to control temperature, level, and pressure, while the 16-bit, 3.5-inch 320 X 240 QVGA color touch screen displays data, color trend graphs, and alarm screens. Display include more than 1024 user-designed screens, and up to 250 images per application. Communication options include Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1 slave, J1939, CANopen and more.

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