Sensorex: Intelligent Transmitters for pH/ORP and Conductivity

Sept. 12, 2013
The TX2000 pH/mV transmitter and CX2000 conductivity/resistivity transmitter monitor changes in process fluids.

Both transmitters include Multi-Cal calibration with automatic buffer recognition, two assignable 0/4-20 mA outputs, two alarm/control relays with an additional wash feature, and a universal 100-240 VAC power supply. CE certified, the NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosures can be wall mounted, installed in a panel or pipe/handrail mounted. The TX2000 has a pH measurement range of -2.00 to 16.00 pH and an ORP measurement range of -1999 mV to 1999 mV. The CX2000 has a conductivity measurement range of 0.000 µS/cm to 200.0 mS/cm and a resistivity measurement range of 0.00 to 20.00 MO-cm. Both are compatible with a number of probes and sensors to fit most application requirements. An optional RS model offers additional features including data display charts and trend graphics, a real-time clock with logbook function, and customer-defined five-point calibration with displayed calibration curve. These models are also equipped with one analog output and serial RS-485 interface for MODBUS RTU or ASCII communications, easily interfacing to existing plant SCADA or DCS control systems. Both units have a large backlit display with easy-to-navigate text and graphic illustrations. A password protection option prevents tampering.

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