NUM: CNC kernel for Small to Medium Size Machines

Oct. 14, 2013
The Flexium+ 8 CNC kernel is designed for machine applications that require movement of up to five axes.

In terms of control flexibility the new kernel is comparable to the company's most powerful CNC kernel, the Flexium+ 68, and can be used with all Flexium+ compatible hardware and software. It offers two CNC channels and accommodates up to four simultaneously interpolated axes. It can also be configured to handle more complex types of interpolation such as spline and NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline), and offers a number of options and technology packages. At any one time, either CNC channel can be used to control a spindle motor and four axes, instead of the full complement of five axes. This simplifies the design of complex machines with multiple synchronization requirements by allowing easy control partitioning. For example, on a thread or gear cutting machine, one channel could control two axes and a spindle to perform the process functions, while the second channel could be used to control two feed axes. Each channel can run its own part program asynchronously and operate autonomously, much as if it had a dedicated CNC kernel. Or, the two channels can be synchronized. Control of one to five axes, or a spindle, can be passed on-the-fly from one channel to the other, to maximize use of available hardware resources.

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