Schleicher Electronic: Automation Controller

Feb. 15, 2014
The ProNumeric XCI 600 is EtherCAT-enabled for fast and efficient field networking.

The controller supports the common CoE (CAN over EtherCAT) profile and is compatible with nearly all EtherCAT-enabled drives. It features the VxWorks real-time operating system for machine controllers and Windows 8 embedded running in parallel to facilitate visualization and communication, and can handle up to 32 interpolating axes. Since it is an IPC-based controller it eliminates the need for an industrial PC for visualization, logging protocols or statistics. The real-time hypervisor ensures reliable tandem operation, dividing the processor performance and concentrating the real-time processes in one core. Switching times are avoided and the operating systems are reliably separated from each other. It is, for example, possible to restart the Windows system without problems while the system continues to operate. Even a change to a later version does not affect VxWorks. The real-time system is returned to a safe machine state in the event of errors. VxWorks therefore provides a stable platform for many years of machine life cycles.

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Schleicher Electronic

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