Seven Key Advantages of Skid-Based Equipment

Feb. 12, 2014
Skid-based systems have many advantages in today’s manufacturing environment.

Skid-based systems have many advantages in today’s manufacturing environment:

1. Scalable design. Helps to easily expand existing facility during revamps.

2. Very useful unit in designing the entire plant process dynamics. Skid-based systems can easily redistribute capacity, making manufacturing more efficient. Examples include CIP skids that can distribute cleaning circuits around the plant.

3. Easily connected and disconnected from the main system. This reduces pipelines, replacing them with flexible connections through hoses. This makes for a fast and easy interface.

4. Easily transferable to any new location/setup. Skid-based equipment can be used at another facility or to replace existing systems.

5. Dedicated control system, providing native tight control. This reduces the load on the central control system.

6. Easily interfaced with central control system. Enables handshake status and commands, status monitoring and control.

7. Supports modular system design. It’s scalable with respect to control hardware as well as software. Skid-based systems also let you take advantage of all reusable software assets.

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