Saelig Introduces High-Speed, High Capacity Electric Power Test Tool

May 8, 2014
High-precision DC loads with seven operational modes can simulate a variety of sequenced dynamic load characteristics.
Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the PEL-3000 Series of single-channel programmable DC electronic loads which offer high-speed slope and high power capacity to meet SPS (SMPS), DC - DC power converter, Hybrid Electric Vehicle and other battery testing needs. With 0.01mA current resolution and 16A/us current slew rate, power supply characteristic tests can be performed with accuracy, stability, speed, and over a wide power range.
PEL-3000 Series Electronic Loads operate from 1.5V to 150V and have seven operational modes: CV (constant voltage), CC (constant current), CR (constant resistance), CP (constant power), CC + CV, CR + CV and CP + CV. In the CC and CR mode, this versatile test tool can simulate a variety of sequenced dynamic load characteristics, with specified load currents, up/down slopes, current levels, durations, and other parameters to suit any load tests needed. In Constant Current Mode the load units will sink the amount of current programmed; regardless of the voltage, the current will stay the same. In Constant Resistance Mode, set as resistance conductance, the unit will maintain a constant resistive load by varying the current. In Constant Voltage Mode, the unit will maintain a preset fixed voltage level. In Constant Power Mode, the unit will maintain a constant power level by varying the current. Via sequence editing, arbitrary test output waveforms from the memory function can be set from the front panel without connecting with a computer.
The PEL-3000 series offer two switching modes, static and dynamic. The switching modes allow the PEL-3000 to switch between two preset levels. Static mode switches between the two levels manually, while the timer-based Dynamic mode switches between levels automatically at up to 20kHz. Tests can be set to finish at preset times from 1s to 1000h. A Soft Start capability reduces current changes during sudden load activation which would normally force a voltage drop. The soft start setting limits the amount of input current at start-up or when the Von Voltage threshold is tripped. Remote sense terminals can be used to compensate for the voltage drop across the load connection leads - useful when used in CV, CR or CP mode.
Protection settings are used to prevent damage to the unit or the DUT by excessive current, voltage or power. An alarm is generated and a message is displayed on the screen when a protection setting is tripped. When an alarm is activated, the load is turned off or limited. The PEL-3000 can save and recall system settings, preset data, memory data, Go-NoGo settings as well as normal and fast sequences to internal memory or to USB. RS-232 and USB 2.0 Device/Host interfaces are provided for PC connection, with GPIB optionally available. For testing server power supplies and other sources, the flexible power combination of the PEL-3000 Series Electronic Loads meets high-power supply test needs.
Made by the Taiwanese test and measurement specialists GWInstek, the PEL-3000 Series Electronic Loads are available now from Saelig Company Inc.
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