Matrikon: Data Logger

June 26, 2014
The Industrial Data Logger provides third-party connectivity, on-board data collection and intelligent data forwarding in a single box.

The unit connects securely to a centralized historian and transfers data to it, even in low bandwidth or unreliable network conditions. It combines reliable data delivery, connectivity and secure access control in an easy to use, low-maintenance device. The device connects to third party devices regardless of what vendor they are from. continuously collects and stores data to its local drive and makes it available locally or remotely. The ability to capture data at-the-source ensures that even if the LAN or WAN goes down, the data logger continues to capture data without interruption; when network connections are restored, the unit automatically transfers the missing data. With support for multiple data connectivity protocols, the data logger easily communicates with legacy and modern data sources, for example Modbus devices; PLCs from Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc and Siemens (S7) PLCs. Other features include selective, event based data collection thanks to flexible on-board data capture functionality; low bandwidth requirements thanks to data compression; data integrity and confidentiality enforced via data encryption; and reliable data delivery based on intelligent, loss free historical data transfer functionality.

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