Crouzet: Remote PLC

The em4 nano-PLC can communicate as part of the Internet of Things.

Aw 35545 C1501np Crouzet

This new member of the em4 series can serve as a growth platform for OEMs and integrators looking for an easy way to move their application into the digital era, providing a ready-to-use infrastructure along with an ecosystem of online tools and services and making it possible to connect devices via the Internet on demand, without adding additional modules. The PLC can be fully remotely controlled and allows easy expansion, making it suitable for applications in such areas as water treatment, access control, building equipment, and small industrial machines. The unit has no embedded web server, but operates on a machine-to-machine connection. This is essentially an exchange of raw data between the controller and the dedicated server. Communication is therefore optimized and the server's memory space is prioritized over the PLC's embedded memory. Like its built-in communication capabilities, the PLC offers a complete solution including the nano-PLC, SIM card, data exchanges and remote access web and mobile platforms named em4 web and em4 app.

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