Quintex: Hazardous Area Protection System

Dec. 31, 2014
Overpressure System 2.0 protects control panels, enclosures, cabinets and walk-in containers used in hazardous areas.

The system works by creating an overpressure in the enclosure that prevents any surrounding explosive atmosphere from entering. The internal pressure is controlled with a pressure switch unit that automatically compensates for any air pressure leakage. The main advantage of the system is that all components in housings or switching cabinets used in Ex-zones can be off-the-shelf' standard materials, such as contactors, relays, fuses, transformers etc., with regulation components up to HMIs or other computer units. The system consists of a certified Panel SPZ series, a QUINGUARD pressure switch unit, an approved gas detector and a pneumatic air pressure assembly. High switching loads above 5 amps requires use of the company's certified range of contactors (SC series). These contactors can be fitted directly in the panels or enclosures like all other standard components. Different ratings can be selected up to a switching capacity of 540 KW/1000 A.

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