How PackML Applies Outside of Packaging

In this presentation from the Automation Conference 2015, Art Smith from Corning explains how he uses the PackML standard for machine control applications beyond the packaging applications for which the standard is most commonly associated.

Source: Art Smith, Corning Inc.
Source: Art Smith, Corning Inc.

Faced with a variety of PLC programming issues like so many other engineers across industry, Art Smith, senior automation controls engineer at Corning, discovered that the PackML standard could be used to address many of these problems. In this video presentation (below) from The Automation Conference 2015, Smith details:

  • How PackML can be used for all types of discrete manufacturing equipment;
  • The connection between PackML and TR88;
  • Why the PackML standard, and state-based programming in general, does not take up more PLC memory as is commonly thought to be true;
  • The benefit of PackML being independent of the PLC platform;
  • How PackML simplifies automation complexity; and
  • His use of PackML in a robot cell for machine tending.

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