VarTech: Hazardous Area Purge Workstations

June 19, 2015
The workstations are rated Class 1 and Class 2, Division 1, Zone 1 and Zone 21.

The units are designed to prevent ignition of flammable substances like gases, vapors and liquids that are present frequently within the atmosphere under normal working conditions. The stainless steel enclosure has no external vents, protecting the workstations components from gases, dust, dirt, moisture, chemicals, oil, and other external contaminants in an explosive environment. Suggested applications include coal mines, rock quarries, oil rigs, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, natural gas processing and petroleum refineries, production floors and other environments deemed Class 1 and Class 2, Division 1 Zone 1 and Zone 21. Displays and workstations are available in 17- and 19-inch screen sizes. Options include a sunlight readable display, VBOND tempered glass armor touch screen, embedded computer, kernel-based virtual machine, and more.

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