Arbor Solution: Fanless Box Computers

Oct. 9, 2015
The FPC-7800 offers a variety of configurations with multiple storage options that can be used in a variety of environmental conditions.

The units inherit the features of the existing model FPC-7700, while updating the previous platform with a newer Intel chipset. The new series offers a variety of configurations to cater to different expansion requirements, may be used in a variety of environmental conditions, and provides multiple storage options. Configuration are available for different expansion requirements: without expansion slots, but slim in profile and lightweight for a computer of this power; with one PCI and one PCI Express slot; with two PCI Express slots; and with two PCI slots. Additionally, all variations have an additional mPCIe minicard slot, six USB 3.0 slots, options for internal USB slots, four COM ports, three GbE ports, and three video output ports (one DVI-I and two display ports). Storage options include two 2.5-inch drive bays; support for CFast cards, removable from the outside of the enclosure without disassembling; and support for multiple/dual SATA drives, configured for RAID 1 to guard against data loss in the case of hard drive failure. The entire series is rated for ambient operating temperatures between -4 and 131 ºF (-20 to 550 ºC) and storage from -40 to 185 ºF (-40 to 85 ºC)

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