Keeping the Worker in the Loop

June 30, 2017
The Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution with Intel IoT technology provides robust communication between workers and remote operation centers, while simultaneously sharing vital near-real-time sensor data about the work environment.

Data is aggregated from the company’s smart devices across an entire work site and forwarded to the cloud via an Intel Atom processor-based gateway. The gateway also filters data based on defined rules and conducts local edge analytics and visualization using Intel software. The solution also supports multiple connectivity protocols, including Wi-Fi and 3G. It enables organizations in energy, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, field services, utilities, and public safety to increase productivity and improve safety. Capabilities include: predicting imminent threats; responding to potential man down or lone worker emergencies; sending warnings and alerts in cases of gas toxicity; sending notifications when there are imminent weather risks; geo-fencing workers to monitor safety and keep communication lines open; providing near-real-time communication to prevent accidents, support productivity, and provide timely training; and tracking worker locations indoors and outdoors.

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Rice Electronics