Atlanta's New S70 Streetcar

Aug. 1, 2011
The S70 streetcars are three-section, bi-directional, double-articulated, six axle, low-floor vehicles, constructed of low alloy high-tensile steel and composite materials.
The double articulation refers to the two connections between the vehicle sections that allow for tight turns. These connection sections are covered with movable rubber bellows referred to as “articulations.” Each vehicle has two power trucks and one non-powered truck. The two powered trucks each contain two powered wheel sets that include 145hp Siemens electric motors integrated with gearboxes to provide motive power for the vehicle. Each powered truck also contains primary and secondary suspension, as well as brake equipment. The single non-powered truck located in the center of the vehicle includes two non-powered wheel sets with low-floor axles and brake equipment. The low-floor axles in the non-powered truck allows for a continuous low-floor at 15 inches above the top rail throughout the center of the vehicle.